We renew with the teams of Football Integra

The « Unió Esportiva Figueres » welcomes in its facilities the Futbol Integra teams, great sportsmen and women who come from the « Centre El Dofí » and the « Fundació Altem ». Captivated by enthusiasm, passion, sportsmanship and the spirit of self-improvement, these teams of such human value participate in « The Best League in the World » and also in important tournaments such as the MIC Integra among others.

The objectives defended by these institutions, such as the Centre El Dofí and the Fundació Altem, are related to promoting the social inclusion of people with physical or intellectual disabilities, promoting their personal and social autonomy, strengthening their skills and developing new ones, promoting their expression of feelings and emotions, strengthening their social skills and behavioural habits, encouraging healthy habits through sport, among many others.

There are no better values for a successful team