The media echo our signature croquettes and describe them as « addictive »

After the International Croquette Day, which was precisely the day on which our Croquettes campaign was launched, many media have discovered our signature croquettes. Media such as El Español, Sport or Consumidor Global have found our variety of fresh chicken croquettes in packs of 12 units on the Mercadona shelves and describe them as « addictive » largely due to the number of positive comments they have received from consumers, such as: « They are exquisite » or « They are very tasty, we love them ».

In these articles they also say that our croquettes are made using quality products following Costa Brava Mediterranean Foods’ own recipes and that the preparation method is very simple, using oil fryers, frying pans or the new air fryers to obtain a perfect result. With conventional frying pans, we recommend frying the product completely covering the croquettes, turning them over halfway through cooking (2 and a half minutes) and leaving them to rest for a minute before eating. It’s that quick and easy and the result will surprise you!

As the creators of this great product, we feel it is necessary to add that they are a creamy, crunchy delight, with real béchamel sauce and no added sugars, colourings or artificial flavourings, and are now also available gluten-free!

You can find them in Mercadona (in the « Listo para comer » section or fresh on the supermarket shelf), in Aldi (Fried in the supermarket packaging) and in LIDL, Froiz and Ahorramás (Fried in the traditional Croking packaging).

And now… Celebrate the triumph doing a CROKING!