School of Leaders, improving co-responsibly

« Leader for all » is a programme that seeks to train people from different work areas (in our case, workers from areas such as HR, Quality, Maintenance…) to become leaders and build real work teams based on cooperation, innovation and good treatment.

With this, we are looking to attract to Costa Brava Mediterranean Foods the best talent in each workplace, to improve coordination in the teams, so that each team member contributes a differential value and all of them complement each other in their tasks, and to improve the working environment of the whole company, fostering a culture of high confidence.

The training agenda will be directly related to aspects such as congruence and honesty, being competent, fostering a sense of belonging and security, involving collaborators, fostering pride and companionship, the importance of recognising good work…

Those who turn their commitment into reality will be awarded the « Leader For All » certificate, in a ceremony that will be held in each of the centres to celebrate our progress.

Because we want to be a « Great Place To Work®️ »