We updated and renewed the equality plans at all our plants

Equal opportunities between men and women is a decisive factor for true business success and that is why reviewing and updating our equality plans, in order to remove obstacles that may prevent effective gender equality, is a key factor for all of us.

In these renewals, we take into account all related updates and all possible situations in order to know the measures to be applied if action is necessary. At this point, we also set objectives to be achieved year by year in order to keep track of our improvement, to monitor how the project evolves, to make strategies and practices in this field and to have a clear and defined line of action.

We are convinced that this is the right way forward and that we are doing it correctly, as the equality plans are inspected by the corresponding government body so that they can be registered, and if they detect any problems with the document they do not proceed with the registration.

We continue to build a fairer society for everyone