We support our suppliers and their sustainability

The SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) can only be achieved with the strong and loyal collaboration of all parties and that is why we work to support our suppliers and their sustainability, so that together we can build a better future for all. To this end, in our Strategic Sustainability Plan “Roadmaps” we have launched a project to support our suppliers and move forward together in the environmental, social and ethical governance improvements of all our companies. In the first phases, which are the ones we are currently in, we use an ad hoc questionnaire to find out the particular situation of each of the suppliers, and we help them to grow through a specific action plan, providing them with feedback for improvement, focusing on the areas in which we believe we can add the most value and in which they should work harder to improve their sustainability. In doing so, we are also available to answer any questions and to provide support in any area if necessary.

We are fulfilling SDG 17 with the aim of improving together

Sustainability is everyone’s business