The best pigmeat suppliers, according to the latest AECOC report

Costa Brava Mediterranean Foods is highlighted as the best pork supplier in the recent benchmarking report drawn up by AECOC. The study compares the different assessments made by retailers of the meat industries that have taken part in it, which are a large part of those existing in our country.

The aspects evaluated are as follows: level of flexibility, level of service in standard deliveries and promotions, compliance with shelf life / degree of freshness, good condition of the product, good condition of the packaging and compliance with the cold chain.

Costa Brava Mediterranean Foods received a score of excellent/very good in all the questions raised, achieving a final mark of almost 9 out of 10 (8.93).

The report corresponds to the months of May to September. The questionnaire was shared by AECOC with the distributor’s sales manager for meat products, who filled in the evaluations with his sales team between 15 September and 11 October, as reflected by AECOC in the pages of the report.

The aim of the tracking is to measure the summary in the three major campaigns of the year, Christmas, Easter and summer, and provides a general and comparative overview of the sector.