Supporting inclusion and multiculturalism with the “Casal dels Infants”

The “Casal dels Infants” is an inclusive, empathetic, persevering, collaborative and responsible organisation that has been working to improve things since 1983. It is a local organisation that focuses on supporting vulnerable young people and families in Salt (Girona), more than 6,000 children are supported in the town where Costa Brava Mediterranean Foods comes from.

The Casal works to build a fairer and more balanced society:

  • A fairer and more balanced society, based on equality
  • Open and welcoming, that does not judge people in different ways for any reason
  • With people who have a critical eye, who identify injustices and seek to transform them
  • Responsible, in which all citizens, businesses, institutions… work together
  • That does not accept that poverty is hereditary

For all these reasons, the main objective of the “Casal dels Infants” is that young people at risk of exclusion have all the possible facilities to adapt, to take advantage of the opportunities that can be offered to them and to face a better future. They teach young people how to find a job and overcome marginalisation, reinforcing their work, social and linguistic skills and boosting their self-esteem.

Proud to contribute with the Casal to a huge socio-educational challenge