Our collaboration with “El Banco de Alimentos” continues in 2023

Throughout last year we made regular donations of Costa Brava Mediterranean Foods products to one of the organisations most involved in social action against hunger, the Food Bank, to the tune of thousands of kilos.

The Food Bank is a non-political and non-denominational organisation that has been active since 1995. They focus on the fight against hunger, poverty and food waste by using and distributing food to those most in need. They also work to improve the environment as much as possible and, for all these reasons, we believe that our collaboration is necessary and beneficial in many aspects and for many people. Over the last few years we have supported them with different donations, such as the 300 kilos of croquettes that we gave them in the 2021 Christmas campaign, in which they initiated a challenge to collect a tonne of food. You can see the video of this campaign by clicking here.

In 2023 we continue in the same line to help the people and families who need it most, because we want to keep our collaboration alive and active for years to come.

So that no plate remains empty, there are no limits against hunger