The feed consumed by CBMF pigs comes from sustainable soy crops

The feed consumed by the pigs owned by our organisation is produced from sustainable soy crops and carries the seal of the international organisation “Round Table on Responsible Soy Association” (RTRS), which guarantees a sustainable, environmentally and socially responsible production of this basic component of animal feed.

RTRS is a global non-profit organisation founded in 2006, which promotes the growth of responsible soy production, trade and use through cooperation with relevant actors in the soy value chain (from production to consumption).

This organisation’s mission is to promote the growth of the production, trade and use of responsible soy in order to guarantee and increase the production of soy with zero deforestation and the conversion of “traditional” soybean fields to this new sustainable model.

From Costa Brava Mediterranean Foods we support and join this type of initiatives to reach a sustainable production and face a better future for everyone. This project is another of our commitments to biodiversity.

For a better future for everyone!