“SABOREA LO NUESTRO”, the new Interporc spot that highlights the dedication and commitment of pig professionals

Last September INTERPORC (Interprofessional Association of white layer pigs) started its new TV campaign “Saborea lo Nuestro”.

The 4th TV spot made by the Interprofessional Pig Industry since 2014, which this time focuses on the passion and effort of the professionals of a sector with tradition, health and care for the environment, and gives prominence to the men and women who make the pig industry a reference sector worldwide. Thanks to a sustainable production model that is attentive to animal welfare, they bring healthy, safe, quality food to consumers’ tables every day. These are values that Costa Brava Mediterranean Foods adheres to and which we identify with in our day-to-day work.

“Saborea lo Nuestro” focuses on all those values that have led the Spanish pork sector to become one of the great international leaders and a benchmark for what is known as ‘modern livestock farming’: professionalised, innovative, respectful of the sensitivity and needs of animals and focused on reducing environmental impact and caring for the environment.

The spot features the theme song ‘Sabor, sabor’ and was broadcast during the months of September and October on the main national and regional channels in Spain, reaching more than 370 million impacts on national television. In addition, the campaign was reinforced with a presence on the main national radio stations and regional and digital media.

Because our farmers deserve public recognition for their hard work and professional skills. They are the ones behind our products, which reach more than 50 countries.

You can see the full spot by clicking here

Together, for an industry that is responsible, transparent and committed to sustainability, tradition and health