Natural Intelligence vs Artificial Intelligence at the 10th Anniversary of the Fundació per a la Creativació

On the tenth anniversary of the Fundació per a la Creativació, a magnificent debate was held on Natural Intelligence vs Artificial Intelligence, led by the communicator Toni Segarra, the specialist in new technologies Genís Roca, together with Lluís Soldevila, who acted as moderator. On the afternoon of Wednesday 4 October, at Casa Seat (Barcelona), they confronted the abilities of human intelligence with the power of new technologies and Artificial Intelligences.

This debate was very interesting given that new technologies and AI are advancing a lot in a short time and in a few years they will have more capabilities and will lead us to a new era with more opportunities in which new challenges will have to be faced, and, on the other hand, there is the natural intelligence, creativity and differentiation of human beings, who can bring more value and make new creations that technologically, right now, could not be given without it, since it is worth mentioning that artificial intelligences and technology was created by people.

We are proud to be able to contribute to reflections such as this one thanks to our collaboration with the Fundacio, of which we are vice-presidents.

Congratulations, creatives, for your good work over the last 10 years!